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We have enjoyed cooking and entertaining for many years and with four children nutrition and cost are important factors. A lot of our recipes contain onions, garlic and cooked tomatoes which are amongst the healthiest foods you can eat.

Over the years our repertoire of dishes has grown, but we don't generally cook from recipes, just from the heart. So when friends have come over and asked for a recipe to try the dish themselves we don't normally have one to give them.

A friend, exasperated at our lack of recipes for her to try, suggested we make a website and write all our recipes down as we cook them. This we have endeavoured to do and the website is the result of much cooking and writing.

Our friends can now come here for their recipes and print off a printer friendly version. We hope you enjoy the dishes as much we have over the years.

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PDF Cookbook

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The cookbook is beautifully illustrated with pictures for every recipe and easy to follow instructions set out over more than 200 pages.

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Try before you buy

Take a look at the cake section of the cookbook before you buy it. The complete cookbook has over 100 recipes all indexed for easy reference, split into sections which match the website. Using the bookmarked table of contents your just 1 mouse click away from any recipe. Try the preview and see how simple it is.

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Soups and Lunches

All sorts of soup recipes, lunch recipes and snack recipes. Classis soups like Chicken, Tomato and Stilton and Brocolli and a selection of soups inspired from our travels. Lunches and snacks include pitta bread pizzas and bacon and tomatoes.


Cold and hot starters to get the taste buds jangling. Healthy Rice Salad and Onion Salad that are very easy and cheap to make. Hot starters like Cheesy Garlic Bread and garlic Mushrooms to wet the appetite.

Red Meat Mains

Homemade dinner recipe favourites like Bolognese, Old Fashioned Mince and Lasagne. Lots of different pies such as Beef and Ale Pie and Shepherds Pie. Meals for entertaining guests such as Beef Bourguignon and Moussaka. Plus a nice selection of spicy dinner recipes such as Chilli Con Carne are all on this page.

White Meat Mains

Homemade dinner recipe favourites like Chicken Kiev, Chicken Pasta Bake and Quiche Lorraine. Also lots of meals for entertaining guests such as Coq Au Vin, Stuffed Chicken Breast With Parma Ham and Spaghetti Alla Carbonara. A nice selection of spicy dinner recipes such as Chinese Pork with Honey are also on this page.

Other Mains

A lovely selection of vegetarian mains such as Ratatouille and fish and seafood mains including fish and chips.


All sorts of spicy curry recipes such as Chicken Jalfrezi and Lamb Vindaloo.


Homemade cold and hot side dishes to enhance the mains or as a compliment to salads or cold meats. These cheap side dishes are very easy to make and really go well with most dinners.


Cold and hot dessert recipes that really finish off a meal. Whether entertaining or just cooking for the family these dessert recipes are a real winner.

Cakes and Pastries

Delicious homemade cake recipes and pastry recipes, naughty but ever so nice. The children love these recipes and homemade biscuits are so much better for them than the packet variety.